Our Executive Committee

Masih BahadoriMasih Bahadori

Masih Bahadori is a Senior Contract Administrator at the Orange County Transportation Authority.  He has been a member of Toastmasters since 2008, and he is very passionate about helping others improve their public speaking skills.  As President of Quote Masters, he strives to make the club an enjoyable, educational, and productive experience for all involved.  He would urge anyone out there to come out and see for themselves what the club has to offer.

Robert HallRobert Hall
Vice President of Education

Robert Hall, ACB is a Senior Business Analyst with The Word & Brown Companies in the IT Enterprise Solutions Department. Quote Masters is a training opportunity that is provided and Bob jumped in head first completing his CC and ACB within his first year. I see the biggest obstacle many people have is a “fear”. Not of what they want to do, or even can they do it. It’s the unknown of what to expect while they are doing it. Facing that fear starts to remove the unknowns and uncertainties that allows a comfort to set in of knowing what to expect, and that makes it easier the next time. In addition Bob is a member of a competition BBQ team and loves spending time with his granddaughter.

Dia LorDia Lor
Vice President of Membership

Bio coming soon.





Margaret ClarkeMargaret Clarke
Vice President of Public Relations

Margaret Clarke has been with Choice Administrators, a subsidiary of Word and Brown since 2008.  Previously she worked long hard hours, with no pay, no health benefits or retirement but, enjoyed many gifts of priceless love and memories in a career she never knew she wanted.   After retirement as a full time stay at home Mom, Margaret decided to tackle her most hated fear – public speaking!  As one of the charter members of Quote Masters, she is living proof that Toastmasters’ program does work.  Margaret can now walk into a Quote Masters’ meeting without having heart palpitations.  She can even present an organized written speech or deliver an off the cuff in prompt to speech.  Margaret still doesn’t love public speaking, but with the help of Quote Masters, has the tools to tackle that fear and enjoys learning new things at each meeting.  She expresses without a doubt, “If I can do it, anyone can!”  “The first step is getting to the meeting, we will help you with each step after that.”

Connie Haddix

Connie Haddix

Connie C Haddix, RHU, ACB, ALS, is the Director of Omega Insurance Services. She has been actively involved with The Word & Brown Companies since 1986. Connie is a charter member of Quote Masters. She joined the club to enhance her speech delivery, improve her “on-the-spot” speaking and add a layer of fun to her life. While enjoying mentorship, she especially finds it rewarding to watch the success of each member. “It’s great when members go outside their comfort zone. That’s where learning soars!” shares Connie. She is passionate about the Toastmasters proven leadership and communication program. She adds, “Through its professional platform, Toastmasters produces communication that is transforming, not only to the individual, but strengthens business and community.”

Melissa GomezMelissa Gomez

Bio coming soon.

Le’Ron HendersonLe’Ron Henderson

Bio coming soon.

Byron Zepeda

Byron Zepeda is a Systems Administrator for the Word & Brown Companies in the IT Department. In early 2011, a friend told him about Quote Masters, where you he could improve his public speaking skills and learn to think quickly on his feet. After a couple of visits, he knew he wanted to join.  And it just so happened Quote Masters was in need of a Webmaster, a position perfectly suited for his website design talents.  “What greater joy is there than to do something you love and learn something new at the same time?”

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Member Testimonials

"Joining Quote Masters was one of the best decisions I've made in my life."

Jack Nguyen, CEO - Loyolty Apparel Company

“As my career grew with the company, I needed to develop my communication skills more and more…I’ve learned a great deal about speaking and listening and now realize the importance of the overall program.  For me, it took getting into a formal organization—such as Toastmasters—to understand what total communication is all about.”

Peters Coors, CEO – Coors Brewing Company


“I’d never thought of myself as a great communicator, and that’s one of the reasons I got involved.  The idea of getting in front of a group, not as Mrs. Fields but really as Debbi, made my knees shake, and I’d get all dry-mouthed.  But the Toastmasters group understood.  Here’s a place where you can learn, grow, develop—and where other people are doing and feeling the same thing.”

Debbi Fields Rose, Founder – Mrs. Fields Cookies

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