Our Officers

  • Jose Dias - President 
    Jose was born and raised in Cuba. At a very early age; Jose knew he wanted to live free in the United States. He planned his escape while a teenager, but was deterred from his course when his mother became ill. Meanwhile, he attended college, graduated, and became a math and vocational teacher. Several hours before he was to leave Cuba, he told his dad he was going to flee to the U. S.
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  • Robert Hall - VP of Education
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  • Jazzy Cruz - Membership
  • Connie Haddix - Treasurer
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  • Amanda Soto - Secretary
    Hello, My name is Amanda Soto.  As far back as I can remember, public speaking did not come easy.  My palms would get sweaty, my heart would beat fast, I would stutter.  But joining toastmasters has been helpful.
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  • Margaret Clarke - VP of PR
  • Mario Duenas - Sergeant at Arms
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